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eza Chinigura Rice (Aromatic Rice)

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eza Chinigura Aromatic Rice (Polao). Fresh and Clean, Vacuum Packed. eza Chinigura Rice can be use in Biriyani, Polao, Firni, Kheer, Khichuri

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  • Size: 1, 2, 5kg
  • Chinigura rice is renowned for its pristine, white grains and its rich aroma.
  • eza aromatic rice chinigura brings you all this in a convenient package.
  • we experience the difference between lesser, impure produce and the true taste of rural bangladesh harvest everyday.
  • ezafood has brought eza aromatic rice chinigura to the market to remove that dissatisfaction.

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Weight122 kg
Dimensions163 × 126 × 67 cm


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